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Britmal and NLPNOW for NLP, Hypnosis and PhotoReading Britmal and NLPNOW offers you full personal and business consulting, be it reorganisation, change, training, computing, facilities management, using years of expertise and NLP techniques.

Our senior consultant, Phillip Holt, is a member of the Society of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), being a Licensed Trainer, a Business Practitioner and Licensed Meta Master Practitioner More. He teaches reading and mind management.


NLPNOW can provide you with the confidence, optimism, drive and tools to make your life and/or business a success. Need help with those phobias? Fear of flying, heights, spiders, wish to stop smoking NOW? What-ever your need, NLPNOW can create a new you, to face the rest of your life with confidence, optimism, fun and excitement, so very quickly. Go for it with NLPNOW. More

The Masters Ultimate Stage Hypnosis Seminar will again be held in Central London in October 2002, with Ormond McGill (The Dean of Stage Hypnosis) and Jerry Valley (America's Most Captivating Hypnotist). This is more than just a seminar, it is a fantastic learning experience with practical demonstrations and personalised training from Ormond McGill, Jerry Valley, Tommy Vee, and highly qualified instructors. You will also be learning hypnotic rapid inductions, re-inductions, the secrets of stage hypnosis that you can apply to your own fields of interest, with individuals or groups. Due to heavy demand and limited places, book your place now by filling out the form below.


Do you realise you are reading this page using a technique you learned at junior school? Do you want to develop it?

If successful people read five books a week, what would it be like if you could read five books a day and with improved comprehension at speeds of over one page a second? NLPNOW will have you absorbing at speeds of 30,000 words per minute. More


Whatever your mind, Personal, Corporate or IT training needs, let Britmal help you understand. If we do not know, we do know someone who does. We offer through Phillip Holt, training covering NLP, hypnosis and trance work, and reading at high speeds in the UK, Italy and Malaysia . Train yourself to be confident, optimistic, relaxed, whatever you want, we can help. More


Fear of flying, heights, spiders or snakes, no problem. Phillip has helped many achieve the unbelievable in one session. Not a day, not a half day, but in less than one hour. Click here.


If you an NLP Practitioner, a hypnotist, or would just like to find out more, visit the London NLP and Hypnosis Practice Group held monthly in Central London. Visit the Groups web site by clicking here.


Britmal supplies many customer sites throughout London and the UK, with computer hardware and software, along with the add-ons you require to take advantage of the ongoing investment you have made. More


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Phillip Holt offers vast amounts of experience in computing, management consulting and NLP. He is a Licensed Master Practitioner, Master Business Practitioner, and Licensed Trainer in NLP, a member of the National Guild of Hypnotists, a Certified Buzan Trainer for Mind Maps, and a Certified Licensed Trainer in PhotoReading..

Britmal Limited is a member of the Southside Chamber of Commerce.

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